After declaring a climate emergency, Brighton & Hove City Council commissioned Ipsos MORI to hold a climate assembly focused on reducing carbon emissions from transport, and how this can help the city towards its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The assembly was conducted online – the first assembly in the UK to be held entirely online following the onset of national lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic – across 5 sessions between late September and early November 2020. Recruitment was conducted by the Sortition Foundation through a stratified random process, creating a group of 50 people reflecting the demographics of the city’s population. The assembly considered the key question, “How can we step up actions to reduce transport related carbon emissions in the city?”. The recommendations generated by assembly members focussed on: a) reducing travel by private vehicles; b) increasing active travel; c) the importance of engaging the residents of Brighton & Hove in developing and implementing any changes; and d) the role of the council in making sure there is no need for private car use and improving and communicating alternative means of public transport.