The work of the Public Engagement Observatory is overseen by an Advisory Group which provides advice and guidance on its research, operation and strategic direction. The Advisory Group’s membership spans a wide range of interests and expertise on participation and public engagement with energy and climate change from government, business, NGOs and the academic community. The members of the Advisory Group are as follows.

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Alice Bell

Director of Communications, Possible

Alice Bell is a climate campaigner and writer based in London. She co-runs the climate change charity Possible, working on a range of projects from community tree-planting to solar-powered railways. She has a BSc in history of science from UCL and a PhD in science communication from Imperial College. She was a lecturer in science communication at Imperial for several years where she also launched a college-wide interdisciplinary course on climate change. As an academic, Alice has also worked at Sussex’s Science Policy Research Unit, City University Journalism School and UCL’s Technology Studies Department. She has also written for a host of publications including the Guardian, The TimesThe Observer, Mosaic and New Humanist, and was editor of the ‘magazine for the future’, How We Get to Next.

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Elizabeth Blakelock

Principal Policy Manager, Citizens Advice

Elizabeth joined the Energy Retail Markets team at Citizens Advice in 2017. Her main focus is delivering rigorous insight on Retail Market outcomes for consumers through monitoring industry performance. This work ensures that Citizens Advice can deliver leading research and advocacy on domestic and micro-business consumer experience to ensure appropriate regulation and policy in energy markets. Prior to joining Citizen Advice, Elizabeth worked on affordability challenges in the UK energy markets in industry and as an academic researcher.

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Simon Burall

Senior Associate, Involve

Simon has long and extensive experience in the fields of democratic reform, open government, public participation, stakeholder engagement, accountability and transparency, scientific and technology innovation and organisational change. In his role with Involve, Simon has worked with and advised many organisations including Number 10, the Cabinet Office, the Scottish Government, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, NHS England, UNDP, OECD, the World Bank, the European Economic and Social Council, as well as at local level with numerous local authorities and other public bodies. His current role sees him leading an expansion of Involve’s work on science and technology. This Citizens and Science programme focuses on developing more effective ways for citizens to be involved in the development and application of new technological innovations with a particular focus on data and artificial intelligence.

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Ewa Kmietowicz

Transport & Agriculture sector team leader, Climate Change Committee

Ewa heads up the transport and land use mitigation teams at the Committee on Climate Change. She works on analysis of mitigation options in these sectors, including assessing technical potential and cost-effectiveness. Her work covers strategic assessment of policies and measures to reduce emissions and advice government on their climate targets. Through her work, Ewa deals with a range of stakeholders in developing advice to government, including industry, NGOs, academics and government officials.

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Noortje Marres

Professor, Centre of Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick

Noortje’s work contributes to the interdisciplinary field of Science, Technology and Society (STS) and investigates issues at the intersection of innovation, publics, the environment and everyday life. She has conducted research on emergent forms of participation in technological societies, on sustainable living, everyday carbon accounting and material participation. She has contributed to the development of digital methods of issue mapping, and more recently, situational analytics, across science, public policy and activism. Her current research is concerned with testing “beyond the laboratory”: examining diverse forms of experimentation in social environments as occasions for encounters between science, engineering, nature and society.

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Beth Moon

Head of Customer and Behavioural Insight, Ofgem; Trustee for the Social Research Association

A social researcher by background, Beth has over 15 years’ experience applying social research and behavioural science within the public sector, having previously worked at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS) and the Office for National Statistics. In her current role she generates insights on consumers with a particular focus on affordability, consumer engagement in the energy market and behaviour change for net zero.

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Matthew Lipson

Energy Systems Catapult
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Tom Saunders

Head of Public Engagement at UK Research & Innovation (UKRI); Trustee at climate charity Possible
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Dhara Vyas

Deputy Director, Energy UK

Dhara is a deputy director at Energy UK. Previous roles have included head of future energy services at Citizens Advice and policy and performance manager at London Borough of Brent and Dartford Borough Council. Dhara has a background in social and consumer policy, and has worked for the energy consumer watchdog since 2009.

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Rebecca Willis

Professor in Energy & Climate Governance at Lancaster University

Rebecca works on environment, climate and energy policy and politics, looking at the relationship between the citizen and state in climate governance. She currently runs the Climate Citizens project, which examines the role of public engagement in energy and climate governance, and holds a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. In 2019-2020, Rebecca was an Expert Lead to Climate Assembly UK, the first national Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change, established by six parliamentary select committees in the House of Commons.